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Ways to Tell You Need Duct Repair in North Potomac

We are in that small seasonal window where you don’t need your air conditioning full-time any more, and haven’t switched to heating yet. It’s a great time of year to perform maintenance on your system, including duct repair in North Potomac. Your ductwork isn’t visible like other parts of your HVAC system, which can make it difficult to decipher the signs of problems with your ducts. As such, the technicians at Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing have put together a list of common signs that indicate it may be time to repair your ductwork.

Signs of Faulty Ductwork

Here are some signs to look for if you think your ductwork may be faulty:

  • Whistling sounds – are you hearing pronounced whistling noises every time your HVAC system runs? This can be an indication that air is leaking though holes and cracks in your ductwork.
  • High energy bills –  faulty ductwork can account for up to 30% of total air loss in your home. When you lose this much air, your system has to compensate for it, and does so by working harder. If your system has to work harder, it will need more energy to do so.
  • Uneven heating and cooling – are you experiencing numerous hot-and-cold spots in your home? This could be a sign of broken or disconnected ductwork.
  • Decrease in indoor air quality –with faulty ductwork, not only does air escape from your system, outside air and particles can also get into your system through the holes and cracks. This can compromise your indoor air quality and also increase the amount of humidity in your home.

Duct Testing Helps Pinpoint the Problems

Determining exactly where your ductwork is failing can be challenging, which is why our technicians will conduct duct testing. With duct testing, your ductwork is pressurized, which allows the technician to check for the parts of your ductwork where the air flow is interrupted. Once the problems are assessed, steps can be taken to repair them.

Faulty ductwork can cost you money, compromise your comfort and decrease your indoor air quality. If you suspect your ductwork may be faulty, schedule an appointment by calling Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing today and ask us about our professional duct repair service in North Potomac.