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What are the Stages of New Plumbing Installation

New plumbing can be a big undertaking, but with the right contractor and a lot of planning, you can create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams with it. When it comes to plumbing installation, Rockville MD homes are each unique, and no one project is going to be exactly like any other. But a good plumber can steer you in the right direction, and it helps if you understand the basic steps that may be involved into the process. What are the stages of new plumbing installation? A basic breakdown can be found below.

  • The plumber performs measurements for all of the planned pipelines: charting a path through the walls, floor and ceiling as well as factoring in removal of drywall, floor tiles and the like.
  • The plumber ascertains where the new plumbing will connect to any existing plumbing, and whether the new system will require any valves, seals or the like.
  • The plumber measures the square footage required for new, sinks, toilets or similar appliances, making sure that not only that the space is properly fitted, but that the counter top and/or floor can support the weight.
  • The plumber shuts off the water main to the section to be expanded (and if necessary, the entire house.)
  • The plumber lays down plastic sheeting to protect as much of the surrounding area as possible.
  • The plumber opens up the path to be used by the new piping: cutting away drywall, lifting tiles and the like.
  • The plumber installs the new piping, taking care that all of the seals and connections are firm.
  • The plumber installs any appliances involved in the expansion, including toilets and sinks.
  • The plumber connects the appliances to the piping.
  • The plumber seals the appliances in place with grouting, then turns the water back on and tests to see if everything is functioning.
  • The plumber restores the tiles, seals up the drywall and otherwise returns the space to its former condition.

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