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What Causes Bathroom Drain Clogs?

Clogs happen from time to time, but it’s not as simple as an object falling in and suddenly blocking the /im

pipe out of nowhere. Most clogs happen slowly over time, and you don’t realize it’s a problem until your sink drains a bit too slowly.

The solution is drain cleaning in Frederick, MD, but first, let’s learn about how these blogs even happen and what you can do to prevent them in the first place.

Hair Accumulation in the Sink

The average person loses around 100 hairs per day, and those add up quickly. Think about how many people are in your house, and the fact that they probably brush their hair in the mirror above your sink.

All that hair makes its way down your drain, but it doesn’t go all the way through. It clings to the sides, to small imperfections in the pipes the latch onto them, and before long a mass begins to build up. This is one of the most common clogs we see in bathroom drains.

Toothpaste Buildup

You spit toothpaste in the sink, but how much of it really leaves your drains? Just because you see it disappear doesn’t mean that it’s going all the way down. It clings to the sides like soap scum and slowly builds up over time.

This seems like some hot water would do the trick, but as it sits there and dry air makes its way down into your bathroom sink drain, the toothpaste hardens. Then the top layer forms a sort of crust, and it doesn’t allow water to permeate through, so you still have dried toothpaste clinging to your pipes.

Too Much Toilet Paper

When it comes to toilet clogs, that’s a different beast entirely. We know toilet paper is flushable, but too much of it can still cause problems. It can cling to the inside of your pipes and reduce the flow of water down the drain, making it feel like when you flush, waste isn’t being pulled down with the usual force.

Then that builds up and leads to a clog. And a plunger isn’t likely to fix it for you. This is when equipment like a snake comes in handy, at least if it’s handled by a professional.

Cosmetic Products

Did you know that some people put certain cosmetics down the toilet? At the very least, cosmetics like lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow make it down the sink drain when you clean them off at the end of the day.

Many of these cosmetics have caking agents to keep them solid, and those can actually clump together in your drain. They stick to the sides of your pipe just like toothpaste does, and leads to an eventual clog.

It’s Time to Come Clean

Your drains need some TLC as soon as possible to remove any buildup, keep them flowing smoothly, and prevent long-term damage from corrosion. Contact us today to schedule your drain cleaning as soon as possible so you don’t have to worry about clogs anymore.

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