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When Is It Time to Call for Heater Repair?

Two people freezing in their home due to heater problems.

The short answer is this: if you had to search for it, there’s probably an issue with your heater. That fantastic machine has been keeping you and your family warm for years, but now it’s running into a snag. Either it’s not heating your home enough, or there’s something else going on with it. Let’s get to the bottom of it and figure out if you need heating repair in Frederick, MD.

Your Heating Costs Are Going Through the Roof

You don’t touch the thermostat and you pay close attention to your energy bill. Your rates haven’t gone up, so why are you using more power to achieve the same desired temperature in your home?

Your heater may simply be worn down. Over time, certain components begin to wither away and work at half-capacity. A heating specialist will be able to determine what the issue is after inspecting your heater and propose a solution.

You Simply Can’t Warm Up Enough

The heat is on. You can feel it coming in through the vents. But it’s not quite enough. You find yourself reaching for a hoodie sweatshirt or extra blankets more often than you care to admit.

One major issue that could be happening is expedited wear and tear. Your ideal temperature may be taxing on your heater (even if you don’t realize it). It struggles to keep up with your preferred temperature, but it simply can’t and begins to wear down.

You Hear Your Heater Turn on a Lot

Your heater could be facing short cycling: using too much energy to start up, then shutting down as a result. Short cycling is a major cause for concern. Because it turns on and off often, the heating/cooling cycles are short, hence the name.

Your system is not only using more energy during these failed startups, but it’s also putting unnecessary stress on your heater’s working parts. From top to bottom, short cycling is bad and needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Your House Sounds Like It’s Haunted

Any time the heater kicks on, you hear loud rattling or booming. This is simply caused by heat expansion, and while it can be jarring, it’s nothing to be concerned over. As long as those noises stop shortly after turning your heater on, they’re completely okay.

But when they persist, there’s an issue. Another sound you need to listen for is unending buzzing. If you can hear a buzz from the cabinet, it could be a sign of an electrical problem. That’s something you need to contact an HVAC specialist for as soon as possible.

Yes, It Really Is Time to Call for Heating Repair

You’ve gone through all the troubleshooting steps you possibly can, and your heater is still acting up. It’s time to get a professional technician to take a look at your heater and put their tools (and experience) to the test. But don’t worry; that’s what you have us for.

Contact us today to schedule a repair visit for your heater and get your house up and running again.