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When to Call for Boiler Repairs

Boilers have a reputation for lasting quite a long time. They often outlive furnaces and other heating systems due to their construction, which incorporates fewer moving parts. The fewer moving parts you have, the fewer chances there are for something in the system to go wrong. Despite this, however, they do still have problems from time to time. If you’re using a boiler to heat your home, keep an eye out for these problems that require repairs.


As with any water-based system, leaks are not to be taken lightly. There are a couple different areas of a boiler system that are more susceptible to leaks than other areas. The circulation pump is one of those parts. A leak in the circulation pump, depending on its size, can cause the efficiency of the pump to decrease dramatically. This will make it much harder for your boiler to keep your home warm, as it won’t be able to circulate hot water as well. The pipes used to circulate water throughout the home can also develop leaks, which can cause water damage to the surrounding area. If you hear hissing coming from behind your walls or under your floor, it could mean that you have a leak in one of your circulation pipes.


Any system that both incorporates steel and deals with water on a regular basis is going to have to deal with rust at some point. If you notice rust on your system, do not ignore it. It may seem like little more than an ugly spot right now, but if it’s allowed to spread it could weaken the system to the point where larger issues can occur. You should have a professional look at any rust spots that appear on your boiler.

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