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When Was the Last Time You Cleaned Your Ducts?


Have you noticed that your home is a little dustier than normal? Your dust rags are being put to good use but you are feeling like the air in your home is more dust than anything else at this stage!

Believe it or not, the issue may not lie with your cleaning habits. It may actually be a hidden offender behind your vents. We are talking about your ductwork of course.

Your ducts, while hidden from sight, play a huge role in your indoor air quality and even in how dusty or clean your home can be. There is a reason that our team offers duct cleaning in Jefferson, MD after all; we know how vital clean ductwork is!

Before you go back to dusting, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of how and why duct cleaning can impact your indoor air quality.

What Your Ducts Do

Your ductwork is responsible for the delivery of temperature-controlled air throughout your home all year long. When you run your air conditioner or your furnace, the air these systems create goes through your ducts to be pumped into different rooms in your house. This also means that whatever is within your ductwork, whether just air or additional debris, also gets blasted out of your vents.

How Your Ducts Impact Your Indoor Air Quality

Your home comfort systems are built with a series of filters in them to capture and, well, filter out dust and debris so these contaminants stay out of your home. They aren’t going to capture every particle though and some of that dust will eventually make it into your ductwork. This will build-up over time and eventually, your ducts will start to get filled up with dust, dirt and other debris. And, of course, when air flows through your ducts, it will pick up some of this build-up and deposit it into your home.

Your indoor air quality (IAQ) is affected by factors such as airflow, humidity or lack thereof, and the presence of dust, pollen, and other contaminants. As you have likely figured out at this stage, dirty ductwork can have a negative impact on your IAQ, leaving your home dusty, your sinuses agitated and creating other negative impacts. Thankfully, duct cleaning services are around to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Why Schedule Duct Cleaning Services

When you schedule duct cleaning services, a professional technician will come to your home with the necessary tools that will allow them to efficiently clear out your ductwork. All the dirty build-up in your ducts will be safely bagged up so it isn’t floating freely around your home and can be disposed of properly later. This leaves your ducts clean and clear!

The key here is this: duct cleaning isn’t always a necessity for your yearly maintenance BUT when you are in need of duct cleaning, you should always work with a professional. A trained technician has the know-how needed to clean your ductwork without causing damage or creating a mess. The pros at Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing are the ones you can trust to get this job done right.

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