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Why Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important

Home maintenance tasks probably aren’t high on your list of priorities. The reason we do them anyway is that they actually save time, work and money down the road.

Air conditioner maintenance is no different. One of the best ways to keep your AC running and your house nice and cool is to have routine maintenance performed on your air conditioning system on a regular basis. This includes keeping the coils clean. How does this help you avoid headaches down the road? Let’s look into that question.

First, you have to understand that those coils are integral to the operation of your air conditioner.  They play vital roles in the cooling process, which is the whole purpose of an AC in the first place. So, it behooves you to keep them working optimally.

A dirty coil is one that can’t work efficiently. When a coil is covered by dirt, dust and debris, it can’t readily absorb heat from the ambient air and transmit it away. This means your home isn’t as cool because your air conditioner can’t work as well as it would otherwise be able to.

When the coils are dirty and cooling efficiency is degraded, the AC has to work harder to cool your home. That means more wear and tear to do the same job. This can lead to more frequent repairs and a need to replace the system sooner. Plus, with all the extra work being done by the AC system, you can expect higher utility bills. So, a clean coil is also good for your wallet.

Between the increased comfort, better performance and both long-term and short-term savings, you can see that keeping AC coils clean is an investment that pays dividends over time. Even just the lowered risk of malfunction and the inevitable repair visits that follow make it a chore worth doing. To schedule the annual maintenance visit for your air conditioning system in Gaithersburg, give Tuckers a call at 301-670-0034!