Technician wearing gloves putting snake into sink drain for cleaning and maintenance.

When was the last time your home had drain maintenance? If you don’t know when it was, that might explain these common drain problems we’re going to talk about. Your drains need regular maintenance just like your air conditioner system does, and this is why.

It Reduces Bad Odors

Whether it’s food, hair, or mold growth, your drains are producing a nasty odor. Drain cleaning breaks down the buildup of food and stuck-on debris so you aren’t constantly smelling them anymore. If you’ve had issues with odors in the past and chemical drain cleaners didn’t help (as they often don’t), a maintenance cleaning is in order.

Drain Longevity

If you ignore your drains, corrosion can take root. Debris can sit in joints within your drains and cause a lack of pipe integrity. This is an issue that you don’t know about until water or waste begins appearing where you’d least expect it. By that point, water damage has normally set in.

Spot Leaks Early

If your drain is leaking, it could cause a loss in water pressure throughout your home. If this happens due to a corroded pipe, water could be leaking and causing damage. Maintenance helps to uncover weak spots in your drains before they become a bigger issue.

Prevent Expensive Repairs

Without proper maintenance, large-scale repairs are inevitable. While your drains may last for years without maintenance, the eventual problem will only be larger as a result. Even if you only get drain maintenance once every two years, it could save you a lot of money in the future on big repairs.

Chemical Cleaners Don’t Do the Trick

Commercials for chemical cleaners love to make it look like they’ll solve all your drain problems. While using a chemical cleaner once or twice may not destroy your drains, it’s not advised to use them consistently or to replace annual drain maintenance by a professional.

Chemical cleaners can cause a reaction that warps or severely damages plastic pipes. If you have metal pipes, these cleaners can dissolve weak points on your pipes, leading to eventual leaks and large-scale damage. The corrosive properties of these chemicals can also damage to toilet bowls, bathtubs, and showers.

If you need to use a temporary solution to unclog a drain while you wait for a technician to arrive, you can use a mixture of one part baking soda, one part water, and one part white distilled vinegar. When used in conjunction with boiling water, you can clear small clogs from your drains and clean them slightly.

How to Prevent Drain Problems in the Future

Be careful after showers so hair doesn’t go through the drain. Avoid dumping grease or heavy liquids down your drain and be sure to get annual drain cleaning in Bethesda, MD to prevent further issues. It’s time to be ahead of your drain maintenance.

Contact us today to remove bad drain odors, improve performance, and stave off those expensive repairs down the road.