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Why its’ Important to Have Your AC Filter Cleaned Every 3 Months

Did you know that your air conditioner contains an air filter? If you did, do you know where it is and how often it needs maintenance? Keeping your air conditioner’s air filter in good shape is vital for maintaining the health of your entire system. Read on to find more about your AC air filter, and what can happen if it isn’t cleaned every 3 months.

The Air Filter

Like most air filters, your air conditioner’s air filter is a closely woven fiber mesh. The air filter sits in your system’s air return vent. All air that flows into the air conditioner passes through the filter. Any contaminants that are carried by the air flow will become trapped in the fibers of the filter. As long as the air filter is cleaned out every 3 months or so, it allows air to continue to flow into the air conditioner without obstructing air flow. If the air filter is not cleaned out often enough, though, it can generate quite a few problems.

Problems with Air Conditioning

If the air filter is not cleaned out often enough, it will eventually become clogged with debris. This will prevent enough air from getting into the air conditioning system. The main issue with this is that it will cause the air temperature around the evaporator coil to drop, which will result in ice forming on it. While the evaporator coil is iced over, it will be unable to siphon enough thermal energy from the home’s air. This will cause a sharp drop in your system’s output. Eventually, the ice buildup can also cause the system to break down.

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