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Why Tune Up a Heat Pump in the Fall: Heating Guide

Heat pumps work as an effective alternative to air conditioning, and make a good fit in towns like Gaithersburg. Their versatility is one of their big selling points: cooling the air in  your home in the summertime and heating the air in the winter time. Like any other mechanical device, a heat pump requires routine tune-up and maintenance in order to function at peak capacity. A reliable tune-up helps ensure good air flow and better temperature control, as well as identifying potential problems and addressing them before they get out of hand. The fall months usually make an ideal time to turn up a heat pump. Why? A few of the most common reasons can be found below.

  • Convenience. Heat pumps perform double duty by cooling your house in the summer and warming it in the winter. A tune-up conducted during any of those months may leave you without the heat pump just when you need it the most. The fall months feature mild weather and moderate temperatures: the ideal time to conduct any repairs without sacrificing your comfort levels.
  • Timing. A tune-up in the fall gives you the maximum amount of time to take care of any repairs that may be needed. In the summer, you never know when another heat wave may be just around the corner, while the winter may bring a sudden cold spell necessitating a reliable source of heating. Tune-ups made during that time are always fighting the clock in an effort to finish before the heat pump has to go to work. The fall provides a respite to let you schedule any repairs with greater flexibility and lets the service technician do the job right.
  • Regularity. Regular maintenance is key not only to keeping you heat pump running, but increasing its longevity and allowing it to provide reliable service for some time to come. Setting such maintenance calls for the same time every year establishes a regularity that makes it easier to remember year in and year out.

If you have a heat pump that needs a tune-up this fall, talk to Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating to set up an appointment. We handle heating repair in Gaithersburg and throughout the surrounding area, so don’t hesitate to contact us!