You don’t have to know much about how your gas furnace runs other than the basics about an ignition system (either a standing pilot light or an electronic igniter) lighting the gas burner flames that generate the heat that in turn is blown into the ventilation system.

So when the burners in your gas furnace won’t ignite, you know you’ve got a problem. But what kind of problem, and how big is it? There may be a simple explanation, or you may need to call our technicians for heater repair in Bethesda, MD. When in doubt, always play it safe and let certified professionals examine the issue—gas furnaces should never have amateur repairs!

The gas line

The first thing to check when the burners won’t light is if the gas to the furnace is turned on. If this is the first time you’ve used your furnace during the season, the gas may still be shut off to the unit. 

There may be a more serious issue with the gas line, such as a blockage. A gas valve may be stuck. Or there could even be leaks in the gas line. If you do smell gas, shut off the gas line to the house and then leave the premises. Call the gas company first. You can schedule a repair service with us after the initial danger has passed.

Thermostat malfunction

The trouble might originate in the home’s climate controls. A thermostat can fail to ignite the burners while still turning on the blower fan. Once you’ve determined that the problem isn’t the settings on the thermostat (it’s set too low; it’s in “fan-only” mode), the issue may be with the connections or the temperature sensors, and you’ll need professionals to handle the repairs.

Clogged furnace filter

Clogged filters are the source of numerous furnace problems, and unfortunately, it’s easy for homeowners to forget to regularly change them. One side effect of a clogged filter is that the furnace won’t be able to draw enough air to allow the burners to ignite. Put in a clean filter to see if this helps.

Faulty igniter/pilot light

Older furnaces use standing pilot lights to ignite the burners. If you have one of these furnaces, check if the pilot light has gone out and relight it if it has. If it won’t stay lit, you’ll need to have HVAC technicians look at the assembly to see what’s wrong.

For most modern furnaces, an electronic ignition system lights the burners. If the igniter is dirty or it has burnt out, it will need to be replaced. Our technicians can do this job quickly and easily for you. 

Faulty flame sensor

This safety feature shuts off the burners to prevent the build-up of unburned gas in case the pilot light or electronic ignition system fails. If the flame sensor is faulty, it may prevent the burners from coming on at all.

Dirty burners

The burners may have a covering of grime or carbon particles preventing them from drawing the oxygen to ignite. Cleaning the burners must be done by professionals since it requires detaching the burners and removing them.

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