When confronted with a clogged drain, the average person will probably just go out and buy a bottle of drain cleaner to clear it up. While store bought drain cleaners do certainly clean out your drains, they also cause a lot of other issues that you’re not going to enjoy dealing with. If you want your drains to stay in optimal condition, you should avoid using store bought drain cleaners. Read on to find out why.


Store-bought drain cleaners are highly corrosive, by and large. That’s how they actually clean out the drains in the first place. While this works just fine for solving the immediate problem, it causes quite a few issues later on. Years of using store bought drain cleaners will corrode your drain pipes, making it more and more likely for them to develop leaks. If you continue to use store bought drain cleaners, you will find yourself replacing your drain pipes years earlier than you would otherwise have to.

Professional Drain Cleaning

So, how are you supposed to clean out your drains? The answer is professional drain cleaning. Professional plumbers will not use corrosive cleaners, preferring instead to use hydro jetting or drain snaking. Hydro jetting uses a high pressure stream of water to blast all built up waste out of the pipe. This is ideal for both solving complete clogs and making it more difficult for clogs to form in the future. Drain snaking uses an auger to drill through any clogs in the pipe, opening up the flow of water again. Either of these methods will solve your drain clog problem without damaging your pipes, so that you can get more years of service out of them.

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