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Why You Should Get Your Ducts Repaired Before Summer Starts

Summer is almost here, and soon you’ll be revving up your air conditioning system on an almost daily basis. While you’ve probably already made certain that your air conditioner is in good condition, and ready to face the hot season, you may not have considered the huge impact that ductwork has on your indoor climate. If you want to get the most out of your air conditioning system this summer, you’re going to want to have your ducts repaired. Read on to find out why.

The State of Your Ducts

Ducts come in many varieties, from galvanized sheet metal to fiberglass board to plastic flex ducts. One of the characteristics that all of them share, however, is how difficult it is to keep them in good condition. Ducts can become damaged by imperfect installation, regular wear and tear, and even animal activity in some cases. Regardless of how it happens, it is almost a certainty that you have at least a few leaks in your ductwork.

That may not seem like a big deal, but the US Department of Energy has estimated that as much as 30% of a system’s output can be lost to leaks in the ductwork. That’s a massive chunk of your air conditioning output that isn’t going to benefit you when you need it.

Duct Repair

If you want to take full advantage of your forced air systems, including air conditioning, you’re going to need those leaks to be taken care of. That’s where duct repair can help you. Duct repair involves finding and sealing any leaks or cracks that may have developed in your ductwork. The methods used to seal the leak will vary, depending on the severity and the type of ducts. The important thing, though, is that the leak be sealed as soon as possible.

If you haven’t had your ducts checked for leaks recently, call Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing. We provide duct repair services throughout Gaithersburg, MD.