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Why Your Heat Pump is Stuck in Heating

As you start to rely on your heat pump more and more often this summer, you need to be vigilant for any possible problems that might come up. Time is of the essence when it comes to repairing heat pump problems, as they tend to get progressively worse the longer they are allowed to develop. If you want to catch problems as early as possible, you should be able to identify the signs that your heat pump is in trouble. One of the most common signs of heat pump issues is strange noises coming from the system. Let’s take a look at some of the heat pump noises that indicate a problem.


The heat pump uses a part called the air handler to circulate air throughout the home during operation. In order to deal with the friction put on the system, the air handler is equipped with oiled bearings that help it to run more smoothly. These bearings wear down over time, though, which causes the friction on the air handler to go up. This produces a loud grinding sound while the heat pump is operating. If you hear this sound, you should call for repairs as soon as possible before the air handler burns out.


A bubbling sound coming from your heat pump indicates that there’s probably air bubbles in the refrigerant line. The heat pump relies on refrigerant to transfer heat from one place to another. The refrigerant is not consumed during the process, but is recycled back and forth. If a leak develops in the refrigerant line, the heat pump’s efficiency will drop until the system breaks down completely. If you hear this sound, turn your heat pump off and call for repairs right away.

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