Ready, set, GO! You just started out for your first marathon…and you didn’t train at ALL. How do you think you’re going to do? Without getting into the nitty-gritty of this, the short answer is likely going to be “not good.”

You need to train to race in a marathon. Similarly, your AC needs to be prepared for its own marathon: the summer heatwave. Days and sometimes weeks of nonstop cooling for your home isn’t something to scoff at and your AC needs to be properly prepared to handle the challenge well.

That is what AC maintenance in Jefferson, MD is for.

Maintenance vs. Repairs

You may be wondering if there is a difference between maintenance and AC repairs. The answer is that there is. Repairs are meant to fix something when it breaks–think a broken fan blade. Maintenance is meant to address the factors that would cause those breaks and, in many cases, prevent them. For example, adjusting and tightening fan blades so they don’t break from the strain.

Repairs address a bigger issue while maintenance helps prevent it.

The Benefits Yearly Tune-ups Provide

We want you to enjoy the best possible comfort in your home. Regular maintenance is vital to accomplish this! We would never suggest a service you don’t need. Here are the best benefits that annual maintenance can provide when you schedule it with our team.

  1. Helps your system perform efficiently. Did you know that without maintenance your AC is likely to lose a percentage of its efficiency each year? That means higher bills for you over time. Scheduling regular tune-ups will help your AC work more efficiently and will help it maintain a higher level of efficiency for longer.
  2. Reduces your AC repair needs. As we mentioned above, maintenance has the ability to help address the base causes of repair needs before they turn into actual repairs. This makes it a preventative service. It prevents repairs which helps to curb the stress of spending extra cash every year.
  3. Keeps operational costs reasonable: Put together the money you save by maintaining better energy efficiency with the cash you save from avoiding preventable repairs and you probably have a decent sum. The cost to run and fix up your AC are what are known as operational costs. When you schedule yearly tune-ups, these operational costs are a lot lower than they would be otherwise.

So, can you skip maintenance and just reach out when repair needs pop up? Yes, you can but it is going to be far more costly and can even have long-term effects such as shortening your system’s lifespan.

We can’t force you to schedule yearly maintenance but we can hope that knowing how beneficial this service is will be enough to encourage you to schedule a tune-up! And, if the perks of AC maintenance weren’t enough on their own, we offer additional benefits if you sign up for our “Priority Club” maintenance plan.

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