Gas furnaces offer comfort to us when we need them the most, but the same gas furnaces could quickly turn into mayhem if they break down. Although many people are often worried about the loss of heat in case there is a gas furnace malfunction, there are other hazards to consider like a carbon monoxide leak or a fire. It’s critical to ensure safety and hazard precautions to avoid such issues and feel comfortable with your gas furnace.

This post will discuss five important tips that every homeowner should know about to make their gas furnaces safer and more durable.

#1 Always Schedule Furnace Maintenance

You have to be aware of the dates for annual maintenance so you can be certain your gas furnace is working optimally. It’s important to schedule your tune-up, especially just before the winter season. During maintenance, the technicians will assess whether there are any operational issues, and they’ll clean your gas furnace to prevent future breakdowns. When a qualified technician handles your furnace, it helps to make sure that it’s safe for use.

#2 Don’t Hesitate to Call Repair If Something Goes Wrong

A gas furnace is a piece of mechanical equipment—therefore, it’s subject to breakdowns once in a while. In some cases, you could find that the small issue you ignored had a bigger underlying problem. But you should not worry about this. If you notice anything unusual with your gas furnace, don’t hesitate to call a professional technician and have it repaired as soon as possible.

#3 Clear Clutter Around the Gas Furnace

As a general rule, you should keep a minimum clear space around the furnace of at least one foot from any flammable objects. Keep items such as rags, papers, dust, lint, clothes, and more away from the furnace. Always look out for any hazards that could be around your furnace.

#4 Install Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

A malfunctioning gas furnace can produce deadly carbon monoxide to the air. Therefore, it’s important to have fully-serviced CO detectors installed around the home. To keep you and your family safe from fires, you should make sure that you have a smoke detector installed and its batteries are replaced on time.

#5 Don’t Overuse Your Gas Furnace

The recommended timeframe before you can change your gas furnace is 15 years. This is the period when your furnace is performing to its best. After 15 years, its performance and efficiency cannot be guaranteed. Get in touch with our technicians to replace your old furnace with a more recent and efficient version.

Use these important tips to enjoy a warm and safe environment at home, especially during this wintertime. When you follow them, you can rest assured knowing that you have a safe and efficient furnace. If you’re looking for heating service in Silver Spring, MD, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and have the problem handled by certified and experienced experts.

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