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Air Conditioning Repair Needs to Take Care of in the Spring

The spring weather is so pleasant that, chances are, your air conditioning system is not something you think much about. Because you’re not running your air conditioning system frequently, it may seem as though you can put off AC repair for a while longer. However, as soon as you notice a problem, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible. Without prompt repair, the trouble may worsen and you’ll find yourself frantically calling for service in the middle of the hottest day of the year!

Some Common Repair Needs

  • Leaky Refrigerant: When refrigerant leaks out of your air conditioning system, you may notice that you feel a little bit warmer, as your AC cannot effectively or efficiently cool down your home. Leaky refrigerant results in longer run times, which means your energy bills can skyrocket. What’s worse is that the coil may freeze as a result.
  • Frozen Coil: When the indoor evaporator coil of your air conditioning system freezes, your air conditioning system is in jeopardy. The unit will run for longer periods, and parts may wear down in an attempt to compensate for the deficiency. And as the ice begins to melt, it may permanently damage the indoor air handler.
  • Electrical Trouble: Does your air conditioning system seem to trip the circuit breaker too often? Do you notice that the unit struggles to start up? Electrical problems deserve immediate attention from a professional who can repair the damage safely and let you know if your unit is on its last legs. But sometimes, the fix is relatively inexpensive.

Consider Professional Maintenance

If you don’t find that your system is in need of repairs before the cooling season picks up, consider air conditioning maintenance to make sure your unit remains in top shape. Regular maintenance involves a comprehensive cleaning and adjusting which can improve the efficiency of your system, ward off repair needs, and make your unit last a little bit longer, potentially.

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