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Hard Water Means More Tankless Water Heater Repairs Over Time

Tankless water heaters are pretty incredible, but they’re not an end-all to water problems. Don’t get us wrong–they offer fantastic benefits for your home, but they’re not impervious to standard water heater problems. One of those issues is hard water and the havoc it can wreak on any type of water heater.

It’s one of the biggest causes for tankless water heater repair in Frederick, MD, and it’s precisely why you should opt for city water filtration or well water filtration if that’s your only water source option. Let’s talk about what hard water can do to your tankless water heater.

Hard Water Issues for Tankless Water Heaters

  • Scale Buildup: This is the main issue you have to worry about. Scale builds up over time, then creates these small deposits that slowly get bigger. This reduces your water heater’s efficiency because it impacts the inside of the pipes and restricts water flow.
  • Outright Clogs: If scale buildup gets bad enough, water won’t go through the pipes at all. Then it just shuts down on its own and stops working until the problem is fixed.
  • Corrosion: Scale can even cause corrosion. With enough time, it may create leaks and weak points in your pipe that 
  • Increased Wear and Tear: Your tankless water heater has a long life ahead of it, but continuous problems can shorten that lifespan. Wear and tear needs to be dealt with through routine flushing and general tankless water heater maintenance.

How to Fix These Issues

  • Filter Your Water: When your water enters the pipe already filtered, there’s less minerals that can create deposits. This means better efficiency over a longer span of time, and less wear and tear by the time your next maintenance appointment comes around.
  • Water Softener System: Let’s take it one step further by installing a water softener system as well. Soft water has its own separate pros and cons that you need to be wary of, but it will be more gentle on your tankless water heater.
  • Annual Maintenance: Never skip your annual maintenance. Not only do we flush out your tankless water heater, but this acts as a point of inspection to make sure there are no other problems looming on the horizon.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

One of the big roadblocks here is that these problems are essentially invisible. You don’t really notice them until something disruptive happens, but by that point, the window for maintenance has passed. Be proactive with annual maintenance, never skip out on your appointment, and give your tankless water heater that little bit of extra TLC that it needs.

Hard Water Isn’t Helping Your Water Heater

Nobody wants a shortened lifespan on their water heater. Be proactive with proper maintenance, and your tankless water heater should serve you well for years to come. We’re always available to handle installations, repairs, and your yearly maintenance for your tankless water heater.

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