Heating systems function best and last longest when they are well maintained. Homeowners sometimes wait until a break-down in the heating system of their home before addressing a problem.  These types of repairs are usually costly, and can weaken the overall functionality of a heating system.  By keeping an eye out for early warning signs that your heating system may be in need of maintenance or repair, you will save money and extend the life of the heater.

Here are early warning signs to look out for:

Heat Pumps

Proper air flow is essential for any heating system to work well, including heat pumps. If you believe there is an inconsistency in air flow from your heat pump, or you feel air leaks coming from ducts, it is a good idea to call a professional to inspect it. An HVAC contractor can check to see that the air is moving properly throughout the system. It is a good idea to have your coils cleaned on your heat pump, because if they are dirty or clogged it can prevent good air flow.


There are a few early warning signs that your boiler may be in need of maintenance.  If you notice a decrease in heat being produced, something may have happened inside the boiler to reduce the hot water levels. You can check the pressure gauge, or call a technician to do so, to see if that is culprit. If there is a problem with the radiator within the boiler, you may hear a hissing sound or there may be a lack of heat if this is the case. Problems with the radiator will require an HVAC technician to fix it.

If you notice that your gas boiler’s pilot light has gone out that may indicate a gas flow problem within the system. Call an HVAC technician, who should be able to easily fix the issue. And if you notice any water leakage coming from your boiler, that can lead to problems with temperature control.

If you notice any signs of trouble with your heating system, especially early on, it is important to address them as soon as possible to help maintain your heater’s performance.  Call Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating at 301-670-0034 with any questions or to help address any concerns with the heating system in your Gaithersburg area home.