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How To Tell Your Heat Pump Needs Repairs


Your heat pump is an important part of your home. Thanks to its ability to move heat, it can offer you both heating and cooling throughout the year. In order to keep doing this reliably though, your heat pump will need professional services at some point, whether it is maintenance or heater repair in Urbana, MD.

If you have been careful to schedule regular maintenance for your heat pump since having it installed, you may not have needed to schedule repairs for it just yet. However that does create a small problem: you might not know what the signs are that signal that your heat pump requires repairs. If you aren’t sure what the indicators are that you need to schedule heat pump repairs, we can give you both the information and the services you need.

How You Can Determine Your Heat Pump Needs Repairs

There are several different signs that you should be aware of that will let you know that your heat pump needs more than just maintenance.

Sign 1: Strange Sounds

If you start hearing a strange sound coming from your heat pump, such as rattling, screeching, or hissing, you should reach out for repair services. Hissing can indicate a refrigerant leak while screeching or rattling can be a sign you have a blower motor encountering big problems.

Sign 2. Weak Airflow

Have you noticed that you turn on your heat pump but the air coming out of it is weak at best? Poor airflow can indicate an overly clogged filter or even a filter that is too strong for your system and is hindering airflow.

Sign 3. Poor Temperature Control

Whether you are cooling or heating your home, your heat pump should be able to produce air that is the right temperature you are requesting. If you have a heat pump producing strong airflow that isn’t the temperature that you want, you need repairs, likely for a refrigerant recharge.

Sign 4. High Utility Bills

While your bills will fluctuate depending on your level of use, if you suddenly have a heating bill that is far more expensive and doesn’t correlate with any extensive use of your heat pump, you need to have your system checked and fixed up. Bills like this are a sure sign that your heat pump is in trouble.

Sign 5. Short Cycling

Does your heat pump turn on and then off again every few minutes? If this seems strange, its because it is a bad sign. If your heat pump is short cycling it isn’t completing an effective heating cycle but it is using a large amount of energy. This leaves you spending far too much cash for next to no comfort.

Reliable Repairs and Real Comfort

The next time you realize that your heat pump is struggling to give you the comfort you need, contact the team at Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing. We have the tools, expertise, and training required to get the job done right so you can be comfortable whenever you are home.

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