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Should I Replace My Water Heater This Fall

Water heaters are built to last quite a while, especially if you take proper care of them. Eventually, though, they will get so worn out that they can’t function properly anymore. When that happens, it’s time to replace the system. If you’re thinking about replacing your water heater this fall, but you aren’t sure if you need to yet, read on for some of the signs that it’s a good idea.

Declining Output

If you put enough demand on a water heater, you will eventually overwhelm it and have to wait for it to heat more water. The older a water heater gets, the lower the threshold for being overwhelmed will go. If your water heater can’t even muster enough hot water for a moderate shower anymore, you might want to consider installing a new one.

Repair Needs

Every few years, your water heater is probably going to need repairs of some kind. Much older water heaters, though, can have problems come up every few months or so. If you need to repair your water heater multiple times a year, the wear and tear on the system is probably so great that you need to have it replaced.


The average water heater lasts right around 15 years, after which point it becomes too costly to keep up and running. If your water heater is older than 15 years, don’t waste money trying to keep it operating. Talk to a professional about installing a new water heater. You’re just going to be replacing your current one piece by piece, regardless, and it’s much cheaper to just install a new system.

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