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Signs It’s Time for a New Furnace

FurnaceFurnaces don’t last forever, regardless of how well you treat them. That doesn’t mean that you should just let yours degrade, of course, but it does mean that you should know when to throw in the proverbial towel and install a new one. You don’t want your first warning sign of your furnace getting towards the end of its life to be when it breaks down permanently. Have a look at the following signs that you really should replace your furnace sooner rather than later.

High Monthly Costs

Running your furnace day and night to avoid freezing solid is obviously worth the higher utility cost from month to month. You should call for repairs if you think that your monthly bills are higher than the added use would account for. Higher than normal monthly costs are typically the result of wear and tear building up on the system. This will eventually result in the furnace breaking down more often than it should, culminating in a permanent breakdown at some point shortly thereafter. Alas, the only thing you can really do for a system that has reached that point is to replace it.

Old Age

The average lifespan of a furnace is around 10-15 years. Once it gets older than that, it will start to develop a wide range of issues that impact its efficiency. The system will become more and more costly to keep up and running, until it eventually fails on you and you have to replace it. If your furnace is older than 15, you really should consult with a professional about whether or not it would benefit you to install a new one.

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