Okay, let’s start out by addressing the fact that no furnace repair should be delayed or ignored. If your furnace needs to be repaired, you should reach out to a pro to get the job done ASAP. When we are discussing a vital furnace repair we are simply addressing the fact that this repair need can actually present a problem for your comfort and your safety too. We are of course talking about the need to promptly address a cracked heat exchanger.

Here we have described why a cracked heat exchanger is such a big deal and we are proud to say you can rely on us for prompt repairs.

We can talk all day about the fact that a cracked heat exchanger is a serious furnace repair in Frederick, MD that needs to be taken care of ASAP but people will still have questions. We are happy to answer them!

What Causes a Cracked Heat Exchanger?

You may be wondering what causes the development of a cracked heat exchanger. Was it something you did or didn’t do? Well, the answer to that could be yes and no.

Cracked heat exchangers are often the result of a furnace that is simply starting to wear down due to old age and repeated use. However, this issue is more likely to occur earlier in its lifespan if the furnace isn’t well cared for (meaning maintenance or repairs have been ignored repeatedly).

Why a Cracked Heater Exchanger Is Bad News

Next on our frequently asked questions list, we want to address why a cracked heat exchanger is such a big deal. Yes, we briefly touched on this earlier but let us give you some details.

When your gas-powered furnace creates heat, it does so by burning natural gas which created combustion gases that are then filtered in your heat exchanger. The exchanger is a metal coil of sorts that air is blown over, allowing the air to be warmed as the combustion gases heat the coil.

So, why is a cracked heat exchanger bad news? For two key reasons. The first reason is that the gas leak can slow down the heating process and make keeping your home warm harder and more expensive. The second reason is that your furnace is leaking gas, which included carbon monoxide, and this can be determinantal to your health.

Signs You Need To Schedule This Repair

Last but not least, you probably want to know how you can determine when you need to reach out for furnace repairs to address a cracked heat exchanger. Be on the lookout for these warning signs:

Now we have a question for you: do you need to schedule furnace repairs for your heater? If so, no matter what the necessary fix is, make sure to schedule an appointment ASAP with our team.

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