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What to Know About Installing an Air Purifier


Now that more people work from home, indoor air quality (IAQ) for a house is more critical than ever. This is why homeowners are looking into options for air purification to remove everything from smoke and dust to volatile organic compounds and viruses from the air circulating through their rooms.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably thinking about getting an air purifier. Here are several important things to know about a new air purification installation.

You need professionals

Unless you’re purchasing a portable air purifier (which doesn’t offer much protection), you must have a professional do the job of installing your air purifier. Whole-house air purification systems must be integrated into the HVAC system and hooked to the power so they can provide the right amount of protection and filter all the air that moves through the ductwork. You can trust our experts with this job.

Have air filters installed first

If you don’t have any IAQ devices installed into your home, we recommend you first have air filters put in, then air purifiers. Air filters are effective at trapping the larger particles circulating through the HVAC system and the house, such as lint, dust, pollen, and dander. Air purifiers usually don’t have much effect on these, as they target the smaller contaminants that may get through filters. Once you have filters in place, you’ll have a better sense of what air purifiers you need to combat whatever passes through the filters’ fibers.

Watch out for ozone-producing air purifiers

For many years, one of the most popular types of air purification systems used the production of ozone to clean indoor air. Ozone dissolves and dilutes odors and harmful gasses. However, ozone is itself a harmful gas that can have negative effects on the lungs. There are still ozone-using air purification systems out there, but we don’t recommend them.

Consider UV germicidal lights

One powerful choice for air purification is UV germicidal lights, a.k.a. UV air purifiers. These purifiers work to eliminate harmful organic pollutants: mold spores, viruses, bacteria. Not only are these sources of illness, they also create foul odors. UV germicidal lights are safe, effective, and require little maintenance.

Many air purification systems combine multiple methods

Although there are many types of air purification systems, the most popular ones on the market combine several different methods of air cleaning into a single package. For example, an air cleaner may contain electrically charged filters, UV germicidal lights, and ionizers. These units do a powerful job of handling most air quality problems—but you’ll still need expert guidance to find the right one. You can’t just pick these off a shelf and expect great results. 

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