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Why Consider a Boiler?

On your list of possible heating systems for installation in your home, is a boiler near the top? If it isn’t, that might be because you consider boilers to be “old fashioned.” They’ve been around for well over a century—and the concept of using hot water to heat a home goes back to ancient times—so perhaps you think the right route for heating in Rockville, MD this winter is to install new, high-tech invention rather than an outdated boiler.

But wait a minute! There are reasons that boilers have stayed around so long. And the modern boiler bears little resemblance to much earlier machines. As HVAC technology advanced, the boiler advanced with it. If you pass over boilers as an option, you will miss out on one of the best methods of heating your home. We’ll explain the benefits of boilers and why you should give them serious consideration.

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The benefits of boilers

  • Efficiency: Boilers are among the least expensive home heating units to run. They have high AFUE ratings (annual fuel utilization efficiency), and natural-gas boilers are one of the most fuel-efficient home heaters you can buy today.
  • Longevity: Because they contain few moving parts that will wear down, boilers have an almost unmatched lifespan of service. You can expect fewer repairs on a boiler than you would with a furnace.
  • Clean heating: Since boilers provide heat through radiators and baseboard heaters, they don’t need to rely on air pumped through ducts like furnaces and heat pumps do. This means cleaner air to go along with your warmth.
  • Quiet operation: Few heating systems run with as little noise pollution as a boiler does.
  • Flexible fuel options: Boilers can run off a variety of fuels, with natural gas, electricity, and oil the most common. It’s easy to find a boiler to match your home’s current fuel supply.

All these advantages sound fantastic, and they are. But… a boiler won’t match every home. Even if a boiler sounds like the best choice for you, there are so many models and brands available with different options that you’ll need an expert to help you make the correct choice. That expert should also handle the installation when the time comes.

Look to Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating for advice on heating your Rockville, MD home. We will send NATE-certified technicians to your house to start the process of getting you the right boiler to keep you cozy this winter.