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Why Get an Extended Warranty on Your AC?

Air conditioning manufacturers tend to offer general warranties on all parts of an air conditioner which they manufacture for one year.  Beyond that and the warranty must be purchased through the air conditioning company that installed the air conditioning system.  Extended warranties normally cover somewhere in the neighborhood of ten years, and often include labor for work performed during that time.  At Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating, we have taken that idea one step further with our industry leading 15 year parts and labor warranty.

Having an extended warranty on an AC system is a form of insurance against something happening which could cost you way more in repairs or replacements than the initial warranty cost was.  Some important things to keep in mind are: understanding how the specific warranty works, learning what your part of the deal is, and knowing the terms of coverage.  At Tuckers we want you to understand exactly what you are getting with our extended warranty.

Tuckers 15 Year Part and Labor Extended Warranty

Tuckers Air Conditioning has done something ground-breaking.  We are the only contractor to offer not only ten years, but a full fifteen year part and labor warranty on air conditioning systems that we install which utilize our annual maintenance plan.  Considering that most air conditioning systems last anywhere from 12-15 years this is quite rare in the air conditioning industry.  This includes a lifetime unit replacement should a compressor or heat exchanger fail.

Tuckers 5 Year Part and Labor Warranty on Service Repairs

Additionally we offer a 5 year part and labor warranty on service repairs which we perform, which compares to other contractors one year part warranty.  We are this confident in our air conditioning technicians and their quality work performing all sorts of air conditioning services such as annual AC maintenance.

In addition to this we offer competitive prices on all of our high quality AC services, and this in conjunction with our two warranty options for clients mean that your new air conditioner is in good hands from day one, and you are set up to have an efficiently operating air conditioning system through its whole life.

Contact Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating and work with a Gaithersburg air conditioning company that really knows how to provide quality air conditioner service to its valued customers through competitive prices, top-notch warranties and skilled work.