With a professional installation and routine maintenance geothermal heat pump systems are a great, efficient way to heat and cool your home. Like any other home comfort system, though, maintenance does not eliminate the need for the occasional repair. While maintenance can help to keep the need for repair service infrequent, minimally invasive and affordable, the fact of the matter is that your geothermal system will probably require some level of repair service during its lifespan. If you operate a geothermal heat pump system in Gaithersburg, it’s best to understand some of the more common repairs that geothermal heat pumps need.

These are just a few examples of potential problems you may experience with your geothermal heat pump system. If you have a problem that we have not addressed or have any further questions about the geothermal system in your Gaithersburg home feel free to contact the professionals at Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating at 301-670-0034. We’re always happy to help.