If you have just purchased a new heating system or are in the process of doing so, one of the first things you should consider is a maintenance plan that will keep your system in good condition each year for many to come. Specifically, if you live in the Gaithersburg area, we recommend you consider the Ultimate Savings Agreement for your home’s new heating system. Provided by Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating, the Ultimate Savings Agreement is an extended warranty for labor, parts and service for your new heating system.

What the Ultimate Savings Agreement is Important

Tucker’s is the only company in the region to offer a 15 year parts and labor warranty and we offer lifetime unit replacement for heat exchangers and compressors with our Ultimate Service Agreement. Why is this important? Because the manufacturers only warranty their products for 10 years, which is not nearly long enough. You don’t want to be replacing your heating system again in just 10 years. A warranty for a full 15 years will ensure the 12-15 year life cycle of most heat pumps and furnaces is protected.

Repair Services Warrantied As Well

The Ultimate Service Agreement goes beyond just parts and labor on your heating system. We also offer a full 5 year warranty on the work we do. If we visit your home and perform a service repair, we will back it up for as long as 5 years and ensure that if the same component breaks again in the future, we will fix it for you.

Replacing your heating system is a stressful, expensive process and we know you don’t want to go through it any more often than is absolutely necessary. To obtain the peace of mind that you will be able to enjoy your new heating system at least 15 years, contact us today at 301-670-0034 and ask about our Ultimate Service Agreement maintenance plan.