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Our 12-Year Part & Labor Warranty Protects Your Heating


You’re familiar with the phrase “The last [fill in the blank] you’ll ever need to buy.” Most of the time, those claims aren’t accurate. There’s rarely such a thing as “the last car you’ll ever need to buy,” or “the last pair of shoes you’ll ever need to buy.” Everything wears down with use and will need replacement.

However—we think we have something that comes awfully close to “the last purchase of HVAC equipment you’ll ever need.” It’s our 12-Year Part & Labor warranty combined with our Lifetime Unit replacement. Tuckers is the only contractor who offers a 12-Year warranty. You can hunt around other HVAC services in Silver Spring, MD and throughout Gaithersburg and Montgomery County, but you won’t find a better warranty than what we’re offering!

What a 12-Year Guarantee Means

Offering a 12-year warranty is far longer than the standard 10-year warranty other contractors offer. But what does this guarantee really mean for you?

First, it means we stand by our work and offer competitive services. This guarantee shows we stand behind our work for 2 years longer than not only other contractors, but heating system manufacturers.

Second, this is a guarantee that matches the probable service life of your heating system. A 10-year warranty certainly sounds good, but most HVAC equipment will last longer than that, about 12 years. We extend our warranty of how long your system is likely to last—and that’s offering you fantastic protection for when your heating system needs to be replaced.

We Also Offer a 5-Year Part & Labor Guarantee on Service Repairs

Here’s another guarantee you won’t find anywhere else. Most contractors offer a 1-year part warranty on any equipment repairs. That’s a good start; it means the technicians are confident the repair work they’ve done will hold out for a year at least. But just a “good start” isn’t enough for us. We know the high quality of the work we provide, so we extend our guarantee on service repairs to 5 years. We have an award-winning service department, and in combination with our heating maintenance program, you won’t have to worry about any service repair we do failing on you during those 5 years.

Superlative Customer Service

Some contractors might look at these offers and think that we’re being foolish. But we do it because we know we can deliver the best to our customers. We have the finest customer service and a top-flight maintenance program so that no matter what you may need for home heating, you’ll feel confident our work will live up to the promises in our warranties and guarantees.

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